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Trust a home remodeling contractor in Lake Saint Louis near Wildwood, MO

You deserve to live in a home you love. If you need a home remodeling contractor in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, you can depend on Xtreme Remodeling and Contracting LLC. Our business is the key to a successful project. You can depend on us to take care of the construction details.

Whether you need whole-home remodeling or exterior painting for your business, the Xtreme Remodeling and Contracting team can handle anything. We even offer house flipping services, so you can make a profit off of your fixer-upper.

Basement Finishing

Bring out your basement's potential.

Complete Home Renovations

Turn your house into a home.

Xtreme Painting

Perfect your space with fresh paint.

House Flipping

Make money off of your old home.

Take advantage of our connections

Whole-home remodeling and commercial space remodeling can involve many different people. Luckily, we work closely with a team of:

  • Landscapers
  • Lenders
  • Real estate agents
  • Estate attorneys
We have the contacts and the experience to complete your project correctly and efficiently. Call 314-249-9636 now to speak with a business and home remodeling contractor in Lake Saint Louis near Wildwood, Missouri.

Why wouldn't you hire Xtreme Remodeling and Contracting?

After 20 years in the remodeling industry, we have the necessary skills and experience to handle even the toughest remodeling project. Home and business owners turn to us because of our dedication to customer service. We'll do what's best for you, every time.
Don't trust an amateur with your remodeling project. Speak with the pros from Xtreme Remodeling and Contracting in Lake Saint Louis near Wildwood, Missouri today.

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